Chocolate Covered Snails (Trails) in February

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FeaturedImage-bySophieSnail’s Trail is another traditional block whose strong graphic design has made it a classic.

We will be making a 6-inch (finished size) block.  All the lotto blocks this year will be 6 inch squares (finished size).

The block is made from two fabrics.  We will be using Brown combined with a pastel or light, low volume print.

You may make a maximum of 9 blocks for chances in the drawing at the end of the month. The target set size for the winners will be 48 blocks.


SnailsTrailPatternCoverYou can download the pattern by clicking the pattern cover image or the link below. Use the coupon code JG9Z2G9SS0 for your free pattern during the first 10 days of the month.

Snail’s Trail Quilt Block Pattern

The pattern includes directions for both traditional rotary cutting and piecing and an introduction and step-by-step guide to paper foundation piecing the block. (Thanks to Robin for coloring in the foundation pattern … which I couldn’t create correctly from EQ).

As you will notice, I’m continuing the theme of photographing quilt blocks “in the wild.” I fear this may become more difficult as the year continues … I might actually have to leave my backyard and go on location.


Fabric Guidelines

This block is made from 2 fabrics–Brown and Light.

Brown – can be solid brown, a tone-on-tone (TOT) print or a multicolor print that is predominately brown.

Light – can be a solid, or tone-on-tone that is pastel (any color) or a print with a light or pastel background that reads as a light (low volume print).

If you make multiple blocks,  you can use the same fabrics in multiple blocks, but the 2- fabric combination in each block must be unique.

Tags and Categories

Add the tag snails trail to all your blog posts about this block.

The category should be blocks when you are posting photos of your blocks to enter them in the drawing; use the category sent and received when you are posting about mailing or receiving blocks; and the category show and tell to share projects you make from this block (whether they are lotto blocks or blocks you make for yourself.)


The Rainbow Scraps Challenge Connection

Brown in the color choice for the Rainbow Scraps Challenge this month, with a suggested accent of pink. You can use a light pink for the light in your blocks, but feel free to include other colors in your lotto blocks.


The Virtual Quilt

For an idea of how a scrappy bunch of these blocks will look when they are all put together, this virtual quilt is made from photos of 30 blocks made by sneak seekers, Barb B, Ellen, Erin, Julie P, Karen N, Laurie, Margaret, Pat K, Peggy, Robin and me.


Ellen-SnailsTrail4 Laurie-SnailsTrail2 KarenN-SnailsTrail1 Ellen-SnailsTrail1 JulieP-SnailsTrail1
PatK-SnailsTrail3 BarbP-SnailsTrail1 Ellen-SnailsTrail3 PatK-SnailsTrail2 Erin-SnailsTrail1
Laurie-SnailsTrail1 Erin-SnailsTrail3 Erin-SnailsTrail2 KarenN-SnailsTrail3 Sophie-SnailsTrail4
Sophie-SnailsTrail5 Robin-SnailsTrail2 Margaret-SnailsTrail1 Ellen-SnailsTrail2 Sophie-SnailsTrail2
Margaret-SnailsTrail4 KarenN-SnailsTrail4 Sophie-SnailsTrail1 Robin-SnailsTrail1 KarenN-SnailsTrail2
PatK-SnailsTrail1 Margaret-SnailsTrail2 Margaret-SnailsTrail3 Peggy-SnailsTrail1 Sophie-SnailsTrail3

Even with the addition of some pink, I think these blocks could make a nice gender-neutral quilt.


  1. The code is not valide to access to the pattern 🙁

    • Others are using it successfully–I am always amazed at how quickly everyone starts downloading. Did you maybe accidentally include a leading/ending space in the code?

  2. Oh snap! This code is not valid. This is coming when I try to use the code. What have I to do???

    greeting Guilitta

    • The code iS working and many others have used it. Please check that it exactly matches (including case) and that you aren’t accidentally including a leading/trailing space.

      • I had trouble on the first download until My husband pointed out that I had included a space at the front of the code that I had not noticed. This one I got correct.

  3. Sophie, how many do we need if we are doing the mystery set?

  4. Sophie, did you know that steps 18 – 22 are numbered incorrectly but then steps 15 – 17 pick up correctly? Rather confusing but I’m not complaining as I am a non-paying customer, 🙂

    Also, this sentence just ends: “Note: 9/16 is slightly larger than 1/2 –inch. If your ruler is marked in eighths, then 9/16 is halfway”

  5. I love that you are photographing these blocks outside! The color is so clear in natural light. If it weren’t winter with wind and snow here, I’d do the same.

  6. I am trying to get the pattern with the code & keep getting that the code is invalid. Have tried 6 times, and have read your “hints” above, but still nothing

    • The coupon code for this month has been used successfully more than 90 times already … so I am afraid that I don’t know what to suggest to you. The only problems I know about are those I mentioned–leading or trailing spaces or an upper/lower case mis-match.


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