What If …

Posted by on February 19, 2016 in block lotto community | 8 comments

What if you won a set of 48 blocks this month?  What if you’re not so motivated to make a “brown” quilt?  What if you really wanted to make a big quilt and don’t want to make a gazillion more 6 inch snails trails blocks?

Here’s one idea.  Make some of the larger 12-inch snails trails in a completely different color-way and mix them up … in a organized, alternate block way or in a more random fashion like this. Find the pattern for the 12 inch block on Quilter’s Cache.


I used purples, blues and teals for my big Snails, but a more constrained palette would work well, too.

What do you think?


  1. I think that would look amazing!

  2. I am doing a 9″ block — brown snails and a periwinkle solid

  3. I like this, great idea!

  4. That would be a great setting – I could even see it with carrying through on the browns!

  5. Cool layout,Sophie! What software do you use for these layouts? And are you pleased with it?

    • I used EQ7 for Mac. Some things seem harder than they ought to be … but it’s probably more a matter of where I am on the learning curve …

  6. As I was sitting and working on finishing out my nine for this month I was thinking what would I make with these if I won this month, And then I log on and find you posted this and it was one of the thoughts I had on what to do with this block. Love the layout and now I have a much better picture than the one in my mind..

    • You know what they say … GMTA!

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