Pardon our mess …

Posted by on June 8, 2016 in housekeeping | 2 comments

construction-cartoonIsn’t that what the signs you see in real places say when they’re doing a bit of construction or maintenance?

After working on someone ELSE’s website a couple days ago to resolve some security issues flagged by Google, I realized it was time for me to do a bit of maintenance on  If you had problems accessing the site earlier today or have noticed it was slower than usual … it was ME. Any problems should be very short term.

I’ve updated the underlying structure of the site and added back in the customizations that make it the Block Lotto.  I also installed some new security features that will scan for any malicious content that finds it way here–it hasn’t happened yet, but better see than sorry.

If you experience any issues with the site (or notice anything that looks wrong because I missed one of the changes that needs to be made), please let me know ASAP.


  1. Thanks, Sophie, for being our Creative Department, Logistics Expert, and Clean-Up Manager. And an all-around amazing person. All the Blockheads love you.

  2. Yes! Everything Elizabeth said!!

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