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I have been remiss in writing here, but between 24 June and 8 July I have received envelopes from Kristin, Robin, Sophie and Julie (24/6), Laura and Kathy (28/6), Margaret (29/6), Su (4/7), Linda and Teresa (6/7) and Debbie (8/7).  Thank-you all for participating in this happy process.  There is still one more envelope to come, and then the grand opening will happen.   (Still quite busy with life, so trying to avoid quilt distractions.)

There was a question raised about the cost of International postage, and I said I would record the postage on each envelope as I received them here in South Africa.   I had noticed a wide variation a couple of months ago, but didn’t keep a track then.  It generally costs me the equivalent of about US$3.50 to send from South Africa, which is about the same as the US Large Envelope rate.

I had a look at the current US Postal Rates:

Max. length 11-1/2″, height 6-1/8″ or thickness 1/4″ is US$ 1.98
Max. length 15″, height 12″ or thickness 3/4″ is US$ 3.18
Max. length 24″, max length, height and thickness combined 36″ is US$13.25
This table, sorted by envelope size, shows the varying rates that the different post offices actually charged.   Interestingly, only three envelopes were the same size (9 x 6), and yet had two different rates!  All weighed less than 2 ounces (56 grams).    There does not seem to be any correlation between size and cost – it probably depends on the mood of the person serving you!
Width Height Weight  Postage Post office
inches inches grams
7.125 5.25 24         2.29 Winthrop Harbor
8.125 4 25       13.25 Louisville
8.75 5.75 23  Global stamp mailed in box, not at post office
9 6 30         3.18 Fruitport
9 6 36       13.25 Grand Haven
9 6 51       13.25 Bellaire
9.5 6.5 22       13.25 Brooklyn
9.5 7 36       13.25 Jackson
9.5 7.25 40         1.98 Mableton
10.25 4.5 30         1.98 Sante Fe
12 9 42         3.18 Anaheim
12 9.5 51         4.68+ stamps Dallas
10 7 27         6.90 Israel
8.5 4.25 20         2.75 Australia
  Happy Quilting, Karen N in Cape Town, South Africa.


  1. Thanks for this post. Mine is the Grand Haven mailing. Fruitport is a little drive from my house but look at the difference in price to mail! It is all up to the person behind the counter. I found that driving to Spring Lake to mail the last bulls eyes was far cheaper than mailing in Grand Haven. From now on I will post block lotto from Spring Lake with the added bonus that the local fabric store shares the Spring Lake Post Office parking lot!

  2. That is so interesting. I have had similar experiences with my post office, depending which clerk younger depends on the price to mail the same item to the same person!

  3. Thank you Kaen for putting all these numbers together. I think some/most of us in the US have experienced the range of possible rates one encounters, often at the same post office, mailing essentially the same thing (3 or 4 blocks). Personally, as many times as I have tried to explain to a counter person whom I believe is overcharging me that I’ve been doing this every month for more than 10 years and know better, my pleas and explanations fall on deaf ears. I may reach out to a national-level USPS customer service type and share these numbers and ask why there is no consistency …

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