Chickens Gone Wild in November

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I will say now, this is NOT the hen block I designed for us, but given my lack of internet for two more weeks, my utter lack of energy and my generally frustrating life right now, I am linking to a pattern that is CLOSE enough to get us through.

You may make a maximum of 9 blocks  for chances in the drawing at the end of the month. The target set size for the winners will be 48 blocks.


Block Pattern

This paper-pieced block pattern by Jennifer Ofenstein at is for a FIVE inch (finished size) block.  To make a 6 inch block, you will need to print/copy this at 120% 

Cat’s Rooster

You may make your choice of left-facing or right-facing roosters or a combination of both.


Fabric Guidelines

Because the Rainbow Scraps Challenge has no colors specified for November, let’s go WILD:

Background: pastel or low-volume prints

Rooster: LOUD, BRIGHT colors of your choice

If you make multiple blocks, you may use the same fabrics multiple times, but each block should be unique – no twins!


Tags and Categories

Add the tag rooster to all your blog posts about this block.

The category should be blocks when you are posting photos of your blocks to enter them in the drawing; use the category sent and received when you are posting about mailing or receiving blocks; and the category show and tell to share projects you make from this block (whether they are lotto blocks or blocks you make for yourself.)


Notes on the QAL

If you are making Old MacDonald’s Mystery Sampler quilt, you will need 7 blocks–as you can see my original plan was for 3 adults and 4 chicks.



There’s not a lot of mystery left, is there?

For the rainbow sampler, you’ll make the usual four 6-inch blocks


On a Personal Note

I don’t know when/if I’ll get my life back on track, but until then, I hope this is enough information to get you through.


  1. I cannot manipulate my printer to print but a 6″ size block and this only being a right or a left-facing fowl with a comb — not like the farm layout shows.

    I have a canon printer and have tried to scale it to 120% to no avail.

    • When I tested this–from a Windows machine with a networked printer at work–I was able to print it at 120% and the measurements were correct. If you cannot, I suggest printing it actual size (100%) and taking it to a copier to enlarge it to 120% for a 6-inch block.

  2. Another great quilt, Sophie!

  3. The lay-out of the mystery sampler is stunning. Oh how I wished I had time …
    I see chickens in the sampler though. Is that part of this month’s blocks?

  4. Hooray!!! I git it figured out! the place where I could type in the 120% was hiding from me — I messed with this over and over and finally found it and got the correct sized foundations printed. Only thing is 1 of them had a small portion at the top/rooster’s comb area off the paper — but I can deal wit that.

    thanks to all for their help.

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