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patternpagesIf you have downloaded this month’s block pattern, you may have noticed that the second page is blank.

You have also noticed that the first two pages have a landscape orientation (wide) and the rest have a portrait orientation (tall).

Here’s what I was thinking.

The blank page is intentional, meant to allow for those who like to print on both sides of the paper.   If you don’t print on both sides, you might choose to specify the print range, something like 1, 3-4 OR use the blank page for your own notes as you make the block.

The change in orientation is so that, depending on how you store/use these patterns, you might fold the printed pattern in half, with the first page on the OUTSIDE as a sort of cover for the rest.

Aside from this change in orientation (and extra page), the format remains pretty much the same.

•  Fabric requirements are on the left side of the first page (the back cover, when folded)
•  The block pattern directions are next, followed by additional ideas, bonus patterns, etc.

I hope this format still works for everyone–please do let me know what you think.

1 Comment

  1. Thank you Sophie for all the thought and hard work you put in so that we can have fun!

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