Three Red Hearts

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These are my three blocks for donation.

  16120037 16120039  16120038

Sophie invited us to share the made fabric process.   This is how I did the first two.

Starting with my box of strings, selected some potential strips, sew together in pairs in one direction and sewing the pairs together in the other direction – this keeps the made fabric less curved.   I try to keep one end of the strips aligned.

16120026  16120028  16120033

Like Sophie and others I like to make little HST with the trimmed corners, and I make these into wonky windmills which get added to a growing pile.

16120036 17010006  17010007

The third one I made by taking a bunch of red triangles and sewing them round a central piece, starting with smallest triangles,and then adding extra pieces until was the size needed.  Although it looks like a centre square with two side rectangles, it really was a large and a small rectangle.  Karen N in Cape Town.

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