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Posted by on February 5, 2017 in Inspiration | 2 comments

I admit to a little fascination over the years with Pantone’s pick for color of the year, mostly from the aspect of an observer.  If you pay attention, you may notice the color popping up in your life–whether you are looking for it or not–in fashion, in home decor and even in website design. Recently I noticed some home decor items at Target, including these bookends.

About a week ago I dreamed of buying a new wallet in this color … and actually started looking around to see if I could find one.

For those who aren’t sure if their fabrics say “greenery,” you might click over to their site and watch the inspiration video at the top of this page.

As you can see in the quote from their Executive Director, for them the color embodies reassurance, rejuvenation, revitalization and a reconnection with nature, one another and a larger purpose.   I don’t know about all that, but … it is a nice shade of green and as a fan of green, I like it.

On their website, Pantone suggests a number of color palettes which include greenery … I thought some of them would make interesting palettes for a quilt, what do you think?  Which do you like?  (All images from Pantone Color Institute Website)


  1. I think I like Fathomless and Forest Floor the best.

  2. Forest Floor caught my eye and Grand Canyon gets second place.

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