Dishes Mailed

Posted by on April 3, 2017 in sent and received | 1 comment

My three blue dishes mailed to Kathie today.  Will take 10-14 days.  Post office insisted it was a small parcel and not a letter, said “they” are checking!  When asking if “they” were our postal service or the US, turns out it’s the local clearing deport making sure the clerks charge correctly.  Not sure if the extra postage this time was it went as a parcel or because our postal rates went up on 1 April, but it still costs about the same as a fat quarter!  Well worth it to partake in this fun with others.  Karen N in Cape Town, still at the bottom end of Africa!

1 Comment

  1. Thanks Karen. It is so nice of you non-USA quilters to participate. I know the postage can be a pain – but it’s worth it when a win comes through.

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