Two blocks in February

Posted by on February 6, 2018 in blocks | 2 comments


Apparently, I don’t own a lot of orphan blocks – and the ones I do own, are quite large.  In all my various bits and pieces, I could only really find these two small blocks which were small enough to form the foundation of a couple of February blocks. Actually, I’m not too surprised, because I tend to make a lot of scrap blocks up, using bits and pieces which haven’t been successful. And, too, I haven’t sewed all that much over the past year.


Anyway, here are my two finished blocks – with the one on the left, I forgot where the original block was and ended up trimming part of it away when cutting to size, but I think the blocks still work in the spirit of the month’s theme. Let me know if not!


  1. You know if you hadn’t sent me all those many “bonus triangles” … you would have had a lot more starter orphans 🙂

  2. Super scrappy, just what I like!

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