More Susannahs Arrive

Posted by on April 18, 2018 in blocks, sent and received | Comments Off on More Susannahs Arrive

Recently received blocks from Elizabeth, Peggy, Pat, and Julie. Then, while typing this the mailman brought the blocks from Susan. It is 6pm here! What is up with our mail service?

Just a few more blocks to go before I can start so I have been thinking about the edges. Here is my first candidate:

This pic looked better on my phone! It is more the color of the little highlighted area on the right and seems to blend nicely with all the different fabrics in the blocks. But first, I am going to drag out all my green fabric to see if making scrappy inserts along the on-point edges would work. It looks like just 12 different 9″ squares would make enough inserts. Or maybe use this for inserts and make a scrappy, piano key outside border? Any other ideas or suggestions re borders or inserts? Let me know!

My crude graph tells me that when set on point I can only use 42 of my 47 blocks making it 57.5″ wide, before any extra borders or quilting. That would be fine, but I want to use ALL of my blocks. The next size up needs 61 blocks and will finish at 67.5 (before etc.). While I wait for the rest of the blocks, I will keep busy making the 14 extra ones.



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