December 2018 blocks made tracking list

Posted by on December 5, 2018 in housekeeping | 3 comments

These are the blocks posted for December.  Please come back at the end of the month to double check to see that your name and the total blocks, donated and in the drawing, are included, just in case someone is missed!

Total so far:  December 31st 19:30 Central African Time – 81

For the Drawing:

Carol.McNab  2

Cathy K  9

Cathy L in IA  9

Karen B  2

Kathie from Allentown 2

Kathy S  9

LindaWoj 6

Margaret.R  6

Nann  9

Peggy  2

Su 3


For Donating:

Karen N  15

Robin  4

Teresa.D  3


  1. There’s a lot of Cathy’s here so please make a correction to avoid confusion. I’m the one that made 9 and my name starts with C – Cathy L NOT Kathy L. Thanks!

  2. Karen, thanks for creating this list early and thanks to you, too, Cathy for checking to make sure your information is correct. You may not believe it, but it really does make a difference and reduces the mistakes found … sometimes AFTER the mailing info has been sent out. I appreciate it.

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