February Block Lotto – Scrappy Hearts

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Many thanks to all who participated in the January lotto, and we look forward to seeing lots more of you take part in upcoming months! If you are new to the lotto, or if you didn’t take part in January, please take a moment to review the 2008 block lotto guidelines – if you have played in previous years, you will notice some changes in the basic guidelines, though the general idea remains the same.

In February, we will be making 6″ (finished) scrappy pieced hearts in red or pink, using two fabrics of similar value. As you can see from the above photos, you may use any value of red or pink and the fabrics do not have to be totally red or pink, but must read red or pink strongly. Ensure that the two fabrics you choose for a single heart are similar in value, whether that be strong red, bright pink, pale pink, or whatever. Your background fabric should be cream – solid, tonal, white on cream, cream on cream are all fine as long as the fabric is cream and is a neutral background.

In February, you may make a maximum of 8 block. No two blocks should have an identical combination of reds/pinks, though you may use a single red/pink in up to two blocks, as long as the pairings are different (and match in value). You may use (but of course don’t have to) the same neutral cream in all your blocks.

Instructions for making the blocks can be found on about.com; many thanks to Janet for providing us with these.

Here are nine blocks that Sophie made, including one (the top left) where she has used both sides of a metallic batik fabric to good effect (and yes, only 8 of them count for the draw!)

Don’t forget, to be enterred into the draw, you will need to post a photo of your blocks in the forum or a link to a photo of your blocks online, or email me a photo of your blocks – see the guidelines for more details on how to play.

If you post a photo (etc) before the 22nd of February, you will be eligible for a sneak peek at March’s block lotto block. Winner(s) of the heart blocks will be drawn on Friday, 29th February.
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