Sampler Quilt 2019

I have designed a sampler quilt, suitable for the 6 inch Lotto Blocks we will be making in 2019.

Here are a couple of color/fabric ideas and a coloring page so you can design your own.

The first was colored (in EQ) using a single line of floral and coordinate fabrics:


This layout produces a quilt that is 84 inches square.

The blocks with ? represent Lotto Blocks, 4 from each month.

They are set with Sawtooth Stars and Double 4-Patch blocks–two of the most popular lotto blocks over the years. The double 4-Patch blocks are made in two flavors–one with light/background large squares, and one with print/colored large squares for the borders.


There are also a pair of blocks that create the 2019 date in the lower right.  I envision that quilters might add their own personal monogram above the year, using their favorite technique.

If all those prints are making your head spin, how about a scrappy 2-color quilt made from solids:



Fabric requirements for the quilt are approximate, as we don’t yet know what blocks will be filling in the question mark blocks:

Light/background: 3 3/4 yards

Colored squares: 4 3/4 yards

I will have more to say about the origins of this design as well as directions for all the setting blocks in January.  In the meantime, if this appeals to you, here’s a coloring page to play with your own color ideas.

2019 Sampler Coloring Page

I keep having ideas … and will probably be coloring a few of these myself before I start making any blocks.


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