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The Block Lotto has been a monthly online activity for quilters since January 2002.  It is open to all quilters, world-wide, at any level of experience.  No commitment is required beyond mailing the blocks you enter and keeping in touch:  make and enter blocks when you want; sit on the sidelines and read along when a block doesn’t really interest you or you don’t have time; make blocks only for yourself for a sampler quilt or your own projects and share them in the show & tell gallery.

On the first of each month, the new block and guidelines are published.  Participants make blocks and post photos of them.  Each block made becomes a chance to win a set of blocks at the end of the month.


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About Sophie

I started the monthly Block Lotto as a discussion on a quilting forum in January 2002 . . . and still have lots of quilt block/color ideas.  Whether you have been playing along for years or just discovered the Block Lotto, I’m glad you’re here.


  1. Hi Again, think I will join your group if that is still OK! I love heart blocks so this should be fun.
    Hugs Raelene

  2. I would love to join! Please tell me how.

    • To begin, you need to:

      1. Register as a user on the site, using the format first name dot last name for your username. (For example, jeansophie.wood is mine). There is more info about how to do that here:

      Accounts and Author Privileges

      Once your account is created, you can log in and edit your profile to add your blog or website, if you have one, add a nickname, if you’d like and choose a display name. Here’s the step-by-step of editing your profile:

      Setting up your Account

      2. Email me with your name and (postal) mailing address and preferred email address.

      3. Make blocks.

      When your blocks are ready to post, let me know and I will add Author privileges to your Block Lotto account. Then you can post your blocks and enter them into the drawing. Details of how to do that are here:

      How to Post

      If you have any questions/problems, be sure to let me know so I can try to help.

  3. Hello! I’m dying to have the pattern to the African Violet quilt block, but I cannot find it here… Can anyone help me?

    Desperate Quilter!!!!

    • Barbara, I think you’re all set now, patternwise. If anyone else is looking for any of the patterns, don’t be afraid to ask.

      • Yes–I would love to buy the pattern for the African violet block—

      • I am confused as to how my request for the violet pattern has been requested already–how do I receive this information?

    • I am trying to get this pattern to did you get yours.I just trying to join my tablet says I can’t recipe email

  4. I just registered and I’m excited to be playing with such creative people. However, I couldn’t change WordPress’s password. I kept getting a “Mismatch” error. Can you help?

  5. I have finally managed to register with the site. How do I get the monthly block to make?

    Ruby in MS

    • You can always find links to the current month’s guidelines (including block patterns, fabric guidelines, etc) on the At-a-Glance page which is linked in the top navigation (under the block lotto banner quilt at the top of the page)

  6. Hello: I have been a past member and would like to rejoin. I need to send all my info and get up and running. Please let me know what else you need. Thank you, Sharn

    • Sharon, welcome back! I have info for you from 2008. If your USPS mailing address or email address has changed, let me know and please send updated info. Otherwise, send me email when you’ve made your first blocks and are ready to post and I’ll update your account here to have author privileges. Look under the < href="http://www.blocklotto.com/category/faq/">Help link for information about how to post.

  7. Hi I am new to this group and looking to making blocks, this just seems so much fun.

  8. Greetings!

    I sent an email with information needed to join the group.


  9. I would like to join your group.

  10. Hi Sophie
    i tried to register and realized i didnt use my name with the dot format….
    ex: lisa.westrope
    instead i used blackbearcabin (my forum name…blog site, etc)
    when i realized this mistake i re-registered doing it the correct way ( i think).
    now im waiting for an email to come back to me to log in, but the email doesnt seem to be showing up. does it take long to process?
    pardon my ignorance 🙂

    • oops…never mind…it worked the second time 🙂
      ill figure it out!

  11. Mailed my blocks today,


  12. Sophie, I’m working on putting more of the beautiful Log Cabin Quilt with Attitude blocks that I won so long ago. My friend would like to make one block of her own to add in the mix, but the link to the old site isn’t working. (I’m using her computer and don’t have your email memorized.) Anyway, can you direct me to another place to see the directions? Hopefully soon I’ll be able to join in on making current blocks! Thank you, June junedodge at gmail dot com

  13. Looking forward to joining

  14. I’m doing something wrong, I can’t seem to login. Can someone walk me thru this? Thank you

  15. I heard about block lotto at a quilt guild and thought this would be interesting and fun.

  16. Hi there,
    I just found you!
    Cool idea!
    I am not sure: Are Canadians allowed to participate?
    Quilty Huggs,

    • Absolutely! To participate EVERYONE must be willing to mail their blocks to wherever the winners may live. At one time or another, that has included the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, Brazil, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. I will send you email with more information about how to join later today.

  17. Sophie, where is the free pattern for the butterfly? It usually is found on the Block Lotto page but it’s not there this month. I found it for $4 but I understood it to be free for the first 10 days. I am registered for the group.

  18. Hello! I’m dying to join the lotto. I’ve already got greens and lights cut out and ready to sew, in fact. I sent an email to Sophie, but I did it from work and never got a reply so I think the email firewall must have eaten it. This seems to be a bad week for computers snacking on things. Please let me know what I need to do to enter. My “new” Pfaff 130 and I are itching to stitch!

    • Kerry, so sorry I missed your email. You should have two email responses from me (one from your comment and a second one, after I found your email, letting you know what you have to do to join us and post your blocks.

  19. Hello, found this block lotto on pinterest. It looks like it would be lots if fun.
    I would live to be able to join the group.

  20. How can I get the Fun in the Sun Placemats pattern?



  21. Hi, I was a member years ago when I lived in Kutztown, Pa. I have since relocated to Washington State. I just registered my account.

  22. Sophie! It has been a long time! I tried to email you at your old gmail address and it bounced back to me. Can you email me with your new address? My email is the same. Message me here if you don’t have it anymore. Look forward to hearing from you. I have a question about the Curved Rails blocks that I won back in 2011.

  23. How do I get link or buy all the blocks needed to make the Old MacDonald’squilt.

  24. Hi Sophie, I have been away for a long time and I would love to participate again. Unfortunately my old brain cannot come up with how and where to sign in. Could you please help me. I remember I am Pat.Kalousek on WordPress.

    • Ok I figured out how to get back on WordPress so disregard my frantic call for help”….Pat


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