At a Glance

January 2018 – Framed Color

The January Block guidelines and block directions are here: Put a Frame Around it in January

The List of blocks made in January is here: January 2018 Block List




2018: Block Hostess of the Month

In 2018, each month’s block and fabric guidelines will be chosen by someone from the community who will share their choice and instructions for making the block.

Month Hosted By Block Size Fabrics/Colors Block Image
January Sophie 9 inch square White (solid or WoW) + Black (solid or BoB)
or Black & White + Bright (solid or ToT)
 February  Robin  9 inch square Made fabric of quilter’s choice
 March  Cathy K  8 inch square  White/Cream + Dark or Bright Green +
Light Green or Gray
 April  Angie   9 inch square  Yellow + Quilter’s Choice of Scraps
 May  Beth
 June  Nann
 July  Deana
August Julie W  9 inch square  Medium or Dark Green + two black & white fabrics,
one of which is a stripe
 September  Susan  White + Blue Scraps
 October Linda  Halloween/Day of the Dead novelties + ?
 November  Nan
 December  Karen N  6 inch square  scrappy blues and purples



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