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I am so excited to have won the Susannah blocks!! (On April 1st. Hmmm.) I love the on point setting and found these 2 diagrams on

With and without sashing

Last Call for Susannah!

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Hi Ladies! Did you think this month would never end?!? LOL – I did! Anyway, tomorrow is the 31st and I will be drawing for two winners at noon (MDT). So if you haven’t finished your Susannah blocks (or want to add more), you have until then to get them posted.

In the meantime, please check out the list of blocks donated this month (the link is in At a Glance) to make sure you are listed correctly. We are up to 91 blocks so far. Wow!

And have a wonderful Easter/Passover/April Fools or whatever you celebrate this weekend!!

Some Scrappy Inspiration

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I was googling images of Oh Susannah quilts and found an interesting blog post with this scrappy version (with blocks set on point) … and a dozen others that were made from blocks donated for charity quilts.   Read more (and check out more of the quilts) here – Scrappy Susannah Wrap-Up.

resizing photo via email

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 Robin, The first upload seemed to work but then my page would not post. I got out of Block Lotto and go in again as the publishing attempt continued to be trying to upload. This time I went to the media page and clicked on the photo I had loaded from my iPhoto.  I will try to post again and see what happens this time.  Thanks for your help with this.




test to resize photo via email

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 Thank you Robin, It seems to have worked.  I dragged your email photo into my iPhoto and then uploaded to post as I did in the past and it appears here so I think that this will work. Thank you so much.  So does this mean that if I email a photo to myself I can resize it to small and upload it or do I need to send it to you first.

Thanks for your help.


Last Call for Orphans

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Winner will be chosen tomorrow (2/28) at noon CST.

Help with Resizing Photos

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I am not nearly as busy as Sophie and do not mind resizing your photo(s). Send them to 9lizards at and I will email them back to you for posting.

Photo Upload Problems

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This morning I deleted more than 100 FAILED photo uploads from the website.

When I could get some information on the file and could see how large they are (and who uploaded them), THEY ARE HUUUUGE!  This isn’t a problem a few of you are having, it’s a problem MANY of you are having.

A file size in the HUNDREDS of KILOBYTE (KB) is plenty large enough.  A file size in MULTIPLE MEGABYTES (MB) is many, many times larger than it needs to be to display well on ANY screen. The little screen capture image here is only 14 KB.

If you try to upload a photo and it fails, you need to figure out how to SCALE your image to make it SMALLER.  This is going to be a little bit different on each phone and camera and you may have different tools on your computer than I do, so, unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly what you need to do.

While I can *sometimes* fix a failed photo (if enough of it has loaded to be recognizeable as an image), it takes time and I may not have that time to do it. I made time this morning ONLY because I was awake at 4 AM and couldn’t fall back to sleep.  Please DO NOT depend on me.

Hey Sophie!

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I can take a month but not May or June.  It’s the least I can do for all the fun I’ve had with Block Lotto.



What If?

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What if you put a 6 inch quilt block in place of the colored square?  For this example, I used a 6 inch sawtooth star.

I thought this could make for an interesting setting and a way to make a bigger quilt from smaller blocks … what do you think?

I planned to make my own blocks this weekend, but instead, after I got home on Friday, I found myself coming down with the flu … and barely got out of bed for the past three days.  (I am only up now because I need to go to the drug store for more stuff that I hope will help me get better faster.)

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