Twelve more days in August

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Is anyone sewing? Four of us have made 18 State Fair blocks. We welcome more!

A setting idea …

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This quilt uses 50 Modified T blocks, set on point. It’s been in my head for a while and tonight I found time to create a quick version.

50 by 59-inches


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I just heard from a neighbor Block Lotto member that I made a mistake on my purple blocks, reversing the positions of the corner squares. I have corrected the blocks, but taking a new picture and posting it is beyond my capability tonight.

April blocks

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3Twin Sister blocks in the mail from Norway to Canada.

Coloring Sheet

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This is a two-for post: a coloring sheet for anyone who wants to play with quilt layout ideas for this month’s blocks, also a test post because someone was getting an error when they tried to upload an image

64 Tee Blocks to color

Here’s the link to a printable coloring page (PDF) – Modified T Quilt Coloring Page

April Twin Sisters

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3 this month, too.

March Mailing Info has been sent

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If you are one of the 25 quilters who made and posted Wings of Spring blocks in March, you should have received email from me with the mailing info.

If you didn’t receive it or found a mistake on the mailing info sheet, please let me know ASAP. Mistakes happen and I am human.

Here’s one of my ideas for using Nann’s block, adding some plain background squares in a random arrangement. I called it Kaleidoscope–the name for a bunch of butterflies. This quilt would be 60 x 72 inches.

Block Lotto Catch-up

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First, THANK YOU NANN for taking control of the Block Lotto for March. I love the Wings of Spring block.

Because of some upcoming changes in my life, I am looking for a volunteer to lead the block lotto in April–do you have a 6-inch block idea that you think would be great for us? Let me know.

Last, for those who are wondering where the mailing info for the February Alternate 9-Patch blocks … I am working on it. The winners have email from me and as soon as I hear back from both of them, I’ll be able to finish up the mailing info and send it to the 20 quilters who made blocks last month.

Did you see Plaid?

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When I saw Nann’s 9 blocks together, I saw plaid … and thought how you could sew up 48 of this month’s blocks into a cool, gender neutral throw like this.

I added a 1 1/2 inch light inner border and a 4.5 inch very dark outer border for a quilt that would measure 48 x 60 inches.

What if (a quilt design idea)

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What if you make (or win) a bunch of this month’s blocks, but …

  • You want to make a large quilt
  • You want something different than “balls”

In the block directions, I suggested you could think of this block as a blocky Drunkards Path block and consider layouts used for that traditional quilt unit. What about this one?

Drunkard’s Path quilt found online

In this traditional quilt, an equal number of blocks are made with opposite fabric placement, so for a Drunkard’s Fireball quilt, you’d need to make some blocks with red /orange/pink fabrics in the center and the skinny logs.

To make a large quilt, of course, you’d need to make a bunch of blocks … What if you did that?

Reverse Fireball Block

Here’s how a similar arrangement of Fireball and Reverse Fireball blocks would look.

This quilt will measure 90 inches square. It’s made from 144 Fireball blocks, with a 3-inch inner border and a 6-inch outer border. if you wanted a pieced border like the inspiration quilt, make 3 inch Half-Square Triangle units for the inner border.

There are other traditional layouts of drunkard’s path blocks to consider … here are a few.

If you win, what will you make from your blocks?

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