June block

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Has the June block been posted?


Old MacDonald’s Farm E-I-E-I-O

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My Old MacDonald Mystery Sampler is now a top!

It’s pretty wild!  I think I’ll have fun hand quilting this one!

Need Mailing Info

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I did not receive the mailing information for February, and apparently, the email address I have for Sophie isn’t working. Someone is expecting a block from me, but I don’t know who.

Inspiration for this Month’s Block

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A few years ago, I started making a scrappy version of blocks like ours in 6 colors for the Rainbow Scraps Challenge. It took a couple of years for me to make the 121 blocks in this quilt top, using only fabrics from my scrap bins–these blocks have 24-32 different fabrics in each block:

The individual star blocks get a little bit lost, but I like the blendy effect. I am hoping to begin quilting it this month 😉

Last night, I saw this Broken Dishes quilt on Kathy’s Quilts and thought it could be a great setting idea for this month’s winners.

What do you think?

Ready, Set, Mail

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I have sent the mailing info to everyone who made and posted Dutchman’s Puzzle blocks.

  • If you should have received mail but didn’t–or vice-versa–be sure to let me know ASAP.
  • Ditto if you check the mailing info sheet and find a mistake in your information.

Mr Zip and I thank you.

More Color ideas from Pantone …

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I admit to a little fascination over the years with Pantone’s pick for color of the year, mostly from the aspect of an observer.  If you pay attention, you may notice the color popping up in your life–whether you are looking for it or not–in fashion, in home decor and even in website design. Recently I noticed some home decor items at Target, including these bookends.

About a week ago I dreamed of buying a new wallet in this color … and actually started looking around to see if I could find one.

For those who aren’t sure if their fabrics say “greenery,” you might click over to their site and watch the inspiration video at the top of this page.

As you can see in the quote from their Executive Director, for them the color embodies reassurance, rejuvenation, revitalization and a reconnection with nature, one another and a larger purpose.   I don’t know about all that, but … it is a nice shade of green and as a fan of green, I like it.

On their website, Pantone suggests a number of color palettes which include greenery … I thought some of them would make interesting palettes for a quilt, what do you think?  Which do you like?  (All images from Pantone Color Institute Website)

The Three Bears – A Fill-in-the-Blocks Quilt Idea

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If you follow my personal blog, Sophie Junction, then you may have already seen this quilt design.

It started percolating in my head as I was thinking about a sampler quilt design for this year’s 8 inch lotto blocks.   But I hope you don’t think of it as a sampler design ONLY.  My idea was to create a quilt pattern into which you could fill-in-the-blocks.  What you use to fill them with is up to you.

You could fill them with:

  • 8 1/2 inch squares of a large scale fabric that you wanted to feature (and not cut up)
  • Plain squares in which you could feature quilting or embroidery
  • A set of 8 inch (finished size) blocks all the same pattern (maybe some lotto blocks you have won)
  • A set of sampler blocks–yes, I will likely make a sampler quilt from this year’s lotto blocks using this pattern.
  • Orphan blocks that are 8 inches (finished size) or smaller–add background strips to the smaller blocks to make them all 8 1/2 inches before you sew them into the quilt.

So, for example, if you made a bunch of the split heart blocks included in this month’s block pattern using a bunch off pink and purple batiks and added two fabrics–one for all the background and one for the contrasting fabric in the half-square triangles, it might look like this.

The quilt pattern has all the yardages, cutting and directions for everything EXCEPT the blocks you choose to feature.

How about red triangles on a white background with blue stars for a Quilt of Valor or other military/patriotic quilt?

I am calling this pattern The Three Bears because it comes in three sizes:

Baby Bear – add 12 blocks for a quilt that is 54 by 58 inches.

Mama Bear – add 24 blocks for a quilt that is 68 by 96 inches (the size shown here).

Papa Bear –  add 36 blocks for a quilt that is 96 inches square.

The pattern will include fabric yardage needed for each size, directions for making the alternate block and the pieced setting triangles and directions for putting it all together. There will also be color sheets for each size so you can play around with your own color ideas.

You will be able to purchase/download it in a few days … BUT if you make and post blocks, you’ll receive a coupon to download it for FREE. I will send out the coupon code with the mailing instructions at the end of the month.

What do you think?

Interesting setting for blocks you may win (or maybe won in the past)?

Interesting for a sampler quilt?

Would you like to see more fill-in-the-blocks quilt designs for this year’s blocks?



Back for 2017

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Couldn’t find the time to join in 2016 but I did finish an older quilt from this wonderful site. And ready to start another again.

Check out out the finished project quilted to 1/2 an inch.


RECAP of My 2016 block lotto challenge – from blocks to tops

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My challenge for 2016 was to make 12 tops and 2 quilt finished from block lotto blocks.  I completed 10 tops and had no finishes.  Without this public challenge to myself I probably would not have completed any tops, so I consider this challenge a success!

03-mar2016 10-oct-2016 08-aug-2016 07-jul-2016 05-may-2016 02-feb2016 04-apr2016 09-sep-2016 06-jun-2016 01-jan2016

Old MacDonald Flimsy Finished

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I have not made any January hearts yet, but I did finish my top using the 2016 blocks and Sophie’s Old MacDonald design. My changes included different butterflies, different spiky leaves and extra chickens and chicks … I really enjoyed making those birds, and didn’t submit any for the lotto because I wanted to keep them all. Thanks, Sophie for the cute design and a great year of blocks!


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