Poppy Questions – answered

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I received some questions about the poppy block, so I thought I’d answer them “in public” —

Q: I thought the color placement was to look somewhat like the block pictured on the instructions page with the reds, oranges and yellows EACH making diagonal “trails” on the block, copying the diagonal “trail” of the green squares?

A: No, only the green squares make trails — the red/orange/yellow squares are more or less randomly placed.  I think when the blocks are placed together it will look like a field of flowers.

Q:  I thought the greens were supposed to be rich and on the blued side, such as in Emerald, Kelly, etc. so as to show up well against the reds, oranges, golds and yellow of the “flowers” squares and not dusky, grayed, olivey or yellowy greens.

A: My plan was that the greens would be on the cool side (blue or gray) rather than yellowish.  Having said that, it’s hard to photograph some colors accurately, so I’m just hoping everyone tries to follow the color instructions with their blocks!

Hope this helps —


5 Summer Reading blocks for Julianne

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Remember Susannah?

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Oh Susannah! was our March Block Lotto assignment and I won 47 beautiful blocks. Fourteen more were needed for the size I wanted for an on point set. When only making a few blocks for a monthly drawing, each one is a little production of its own but a whole quilt is another thing entirely. While making those 14 extra blocks, I learned that these blocks sew up super quickly in a production situation. There are only 5 sewing steps and the first 3 can be chained! Next time you need to get a quilt together quickly, consider Susannah, you won’t be sorry.


(Dreadfully rainy here and quilt holders are scarce. Fingers and toes shown here belong to my painter.)

Postal Office and fees

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Karen and anyone living overseas! Don’t feel you have to donate your blocks because of postage; you should hold your head up and participate fully. All of us can take turns mailing out of the country. Each time I mail an envelope or package I marvel that someone is willing to take it from my home town and hand deliver it to my recipient. wherever they live in the world, in just a matter of days/weeks and charge such a tiny bit for the service. When I drop a letter in the mailbox, I am always grateful that I don’t have to buy a plane ticket and deliver it myself every time I want to mail something!  If you think about it, we should all salute the Post Office folks around the world for all they do so cheerfully and promptly.  I love getting mail and wish it wasn’t such a rare occasion now days.

2014 Star Chain Winnings

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Finished quilt from Star Chain 2014 winnings.

More on blog post today at Sane, Crazy, Crumby quilting. 


A Rainbow Scraps Idea

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I think it was Kathie who mentioned using this month’s block to use up scraps.  I thought that was a great idea, then thought about a quilt made from scrappy monochrome blocks and came up with this layout for a 60-inch square quilt using 64 six-inch rail variation blocks and a 6 inch white border.  If you are Zig-Zag-adverse, you could consider it.



Sophie: Catching Up with all of you.

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A hideous allergy season in Santa Fe on top of some demanding work and health challenges has left me out of the loop.  I woke up early–way too early–this morning, so I’m playing a little catch-up with all of you.

First, welcome BETH who not only is joining the Block Lotto this month, but is leading our session! You are a brave woman to make the leap from lurker to leader and volunteer in one fell swoop.  For those that are having problems finding the May post, I edited the date so that it now appears to have been published on May 1 and also added the link on the At-a-Glance page.

Congratulations to the April WINNERS, Kristen and Karen. I am a little behind on the end-of-the-month tasks, but will be sending follow-up email to both today and the mailing info to everyone soon after.  Stay tuned.

And … because I think we all appreciate a little eye-candy, as I mentioned to Beth in email, I can’t believe this month’s block never occurred to me, since I made (and love) this quilt. It might give you a setting idea …

The Variation Rail blocks in this quilt are a little larger at 7 1/2 inch square–I started with 3-inch squares because I had some 3 inch strips cut from assorted plaid flannels. It made for a cuddly quilt that was especially appreciated when I was without heat for 5 days during the coldest part of what was mostly a non-winter here.

The exterior shots were taken in the house where I was living when it was made: it’s best feature was a 1000 square foot studio.

I remember how much fun it was to quilt.  I put long, continuous feathers in the white bars and melon shapes in the plaid squares.



Last Call for April Blocks – Noon & Light

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Hello Quilters! Tomorrow is the 30th and I will be drawing for two winners at 1:30 PM (PDT).  I won’t be near a computer till then. So if you haven’t finished your Noon and Light blocks (or want to add more), you have until 12 Noon to get them posted.

In the meantime, please check out the list of blocks donated this month (the link is in At a Glance) to make sure you are listed correctly.  Thank you for participating.

Mod is Bound

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Took me almost four years, but so thrilled with my quilt.


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I am so excited to have won the Susannah blocks!! (On April 1st. Hmmm.) I love the on point setting and found these 2 diagrams on

With and without sashing

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