Plan for Block Lotto 2019

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I left the survey open longer than planned, hoping for more responses and just closed it.  We had 48 quilters respond–which is about half as many as last year.  You can see the results of the four multiple-choice questions and some of my thoughts here:

2019 Block Lotto Survey Results

Based on your input and the suggestions you supplied, here are some of the highlights from my plan:

  • There will be a theme and uniform size (6 inches) for all 2019 blocks. Smaller blocks are just less-expensive to mail around the world.
  • We will continue to have volunteer Designer/Leader of the month, but I will also Design/Lead some months.
  • There will be additional requirements for Designer/Leader of the month to keep things more interactive and more consistency in posting the new block, follow-ing up and drawing/posting the winners.
  • There will be a sampler quilt design and quilt-along. I know this is a supported by the minority of which I am a member, but I saw a (non-sampler) quilt that inspired an idea that won’t let go …

Look for more details for Designer/Leaders, next years theme and the scrappy sampler quilt design in a post later this month.

Edited to add:

The blog post with the survey link was published on September 2nd and the link was shared on the Block Lotto Facebook page the same day.

Block Lotto 2019?


Block Lotto 2019?

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Please take 2 minutes and complete this quick survey:

Block Lotto 2019

Also feel free to leave more of your ideas, thoughts, criticisms in the comments of this post.


Side by side …

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Am I the only one who does this … when a new quilt from a lotto block quilt is posted, browse through the gallery to admire the other quilt(s) that other winner(s) made.  Take a look at Nancy’s and Julie P’s quilts side by side:


Very different and I love them both.

Almost time for the August drawing!

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Please check my list, here:

and make sure that I didn’t miss your blocks or make a mistake in the number.  (Note that there are 2 Lindas — one without an initial — and a whole bunch of Cathy/Kathy/etc. variations!)

There’s still a little time to post your blocks — I’ll plan to do the drawing early Saturday morning, PDT.



California Poppies

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Here are my 2 California Poppies for donation.  Was fun finding the colors in my stash for these.



July Mailing Info has (FINALLY) been sent

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With apologies for the delay, the mailing info was emailed earlier today to everyone on the list of Red Forest blocks made in July. If you made blocks but didn’t get email from me, please let me know ASAP. Ditto if you see any mistakes in your info on the mailing info sheet.

As a gentle reminder to everyone, but especially those named Cathy, Julie, Karen or Linda, when you post be sure to indicate your last initial or where you’re from so that when I’m trying to match a first-name-only in the list to the right person I don’t have to look back through all the posts from the month to try to figure out who gets the blocks or the mailing info.  Thanks.

Poppy Questions – answered

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I received some questions about the poppy block, so I thought I’d answer them “in public” —

Q: I thought the color placement was to look somewhat like the block pictured on the instructions page with the reds, oranges and yellows EACH making diagonal “trails” on the block, copying the diagonal “trail” of the green squares?

A: No, only the green squares make trails — the red/orange/yellow squares are more or less randomly placed.  I think when the blocks are placed together it will look like a field of flowers.

Q:  I thought the greens were supposed to be rich and on the blued side, such as in Emerald, Kelly, etc. so as to show up well against the reds, oranges, golds and yellow of the “flowers” squares and not dusky, grayed, olivey or yellowy greens.

A: My plan was that the greens would be on the cool side (blue or gray) rather than yellowish.  Having said that, it’s hard to photograph some colors accurately, so I’m just hoping everyone tries to follow the color instructions with their blocks!

Hope this helps —


5 Summer Reading blocks for Julianne

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Remember Susannah?

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Oh Susannah! was our March Block Lotto assignment and I won 47 beautiful blocks. Fourteen more were needed for the size I wanted for an on point set. When only making a few blocks for a monthly drawing, each one is a little production of its own but a whole quilt is another thing entirely. While making those 14 extra blocks, I learned that these blocks sew up super quickly in a production situation. There are only 5 sewing steps and the first 3 can be chained! Next time you need to get a quilt together quickly, consider Susannah, you won’t be sorry.


(Dreadfully rainy here and quilt holders are scarce. Fingers and toes shown here belong to my painter.)

Postal Office and fees

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Karen and anyone living overseas! Don’t feel you have to donate your blocks because of postage; you should hold your head up and participate fully. All of us can take turns mailing out of the country. Each time I mail an envelope or package I marvel that someone is willing to take it from my home town and hand deliver it to my recipient. wherever they live in the world, in just a matter of days/weeks and charge such a tiny bit for the service. When I drop a letter in the mailbox, I am always grateful that I don’t have to buy a plane ticket and deliver it myself every time I want to mail something!  If you think about it, we should all salute the Post Office folks around the world for all they do so cheerfully and promptly.  I love getting mail and wish it wasn’t such a rare occasion now days.

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