The Year That Was – a Block Lotto Review of 2018

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Happy New Year!

As I was waiting for my Black-eyed Peas to cook this morning, I was thinking about the year that was, here at the Block Lotto.

Last year, when I realized that the work and health-stuff I was dealing with was overwhelming, a number of quilters stepped up and took over the Block Lotto–one month at a time.  I probably haven’t said it enough, but I am very grateful to Robin, Cathy K, Angie, Beth, Deana, Nann (who hosted twice!), Julie W, Susan, Linda,  and Karen for bringing their design and color ideas and organizational skills and hostessing the Block Lotto.

As a group, 52 quilters made just under 1000 Lotto Blocks this year. Here they are once, again:



We didn’t just make blocks, we also made them into quilts. These 16 quilts were shared here in 2018–I’ve added links (click the image) to their stories:



I am looking forward to meeting more creative quilters and seeing more interesting blocks and great quilt in 2019!  Thank you all for bringing your creativity here.


  1. I am so glad we could help you out. It was fun the the Block Lotto didn’t have to die.

  2. It’s been a great year. I made many of the blocks this year, and one of the patterns became a pattern for something else I was doing. A great year all around. I hope 2019 is going to go better for you!

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