Plan for Block Lotto 2019

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I left the survey open longer than planned, hoping for more responses and just closed it.  We had 48 quilters respond–which is about half as many as last year.  You can see the results of the four multiple-choice questions and some of my thoughts here:

2019 Block Lotto Survey Results

Based on your input and the suggestions you supplied, here are some of the highlights from my plan:

  • There will be a theme and uniform size (6 inches) for all 2019 blocks. Smaller blocks are just less-expensive to mail around the world.
  • We will continue to have volunteer Designer/Leader of the month, but I will also Design/Lead some months.
  • There will be additional requirements for Designer/Leader of the month to keep things more interactive and more consistency in posting the new block, follow-ing up and drawing/posting the winners.
  • There will be a sampler quilt design and quilt-along. I know this is a supported by the minority of which I am a member, but I saw a (non-sampler) quilt that inspired an idea that won’t let go …

Look for more details for Designer/Leaders, next years theme and the scrappy sampler quilt design in a post later this month.

Edited to add:

The blog post with the survey link was published on September 2nd and the link was shared on the Block Lotto Facebook page the same day.

Block Lotto 2019?



  1. I some how did not read about this years’ survey but I am good with the results.

    • Thanks for saying so. I do know that in all surveys, there are many more people who don’t complete the surveys who agree with those who do. I feel like we got a good representation, if not that many responders.

  2. Maybe it needs to be advertised by those who are on various social media, if it isn’t already? I blog about it periodically, but I’m not a mega quilter with thousands of followers.

    • I think many of the “regulars” do mention it on their blog and share photos of their blocks and quilts. I am not sure we have any of those mega-quilters in our number, yet …

  3. I do mention Block Lotto on my blog and (occasionally) on Facebook. I didn’t get the link to the survey — I’d definitely have responded! What are the answers to the open-ended queries? (“I have another idea” was one such.)

    • Thank you. I appreciate it whenever I notice anyone mentioning the Block Lotto on their blog or on Facebook. For you and others who missed the original survey post, I added the link above–it was posted on September 2.

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