Bonus – Lotto for Orphans and Duds

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Here it is: Julie’s suggestion realized–a dud (and orphan) block lotto for all those extra lotto blocks we have.   This will be a bonus lotto in addition to the one for the December Stripes block.

Block Guidelines

  • You may enter up to a total of 12 blocks or blocks and/or fabric equivalents
  • Blocks must be made from one of the patterns we used for the Block Lotto.  They may be made from different fabrics than the color/fabric guidelines we used for the lotto, as long as they are made from quilting-quality cotton.  They may be blocks that are well made but were wrong sized.  They may be blocks you won that were unused in a project.
  • Enter, as usual, by posting a photo of your blocks.
  • If you want to contribute blocks without being in the drawing, be sure to include a note in your blog post with your blocks.

Fabric Equivalents

Those without Block Lotto duds or orphans can still play by entering with fabric, for up to 6 chances.  A fabric equivalent for one block/one chance in the drawing is one of the following:

  • One 4-inch wide width of fabric (WOF) strip
  • One Fat Sixteen: 9-inch by 21-inch (or half the WOF) rectangle
  • Two fabric strips from a Jelly Roll (each 2 1/2-inch by WOF)

Fabrics do NOT have to be pre-washed, to make it easier to use pre-cuts. If your fabric is not pre-washed, please include a note to the winner(s) to let them know.

Fabrics may be anything of your choosing.  When in doubt, I suggest you send a black and white print.

Maximum Number of Entries

You may enter (or donate) a combination of blocks and fabrics, up to a maximum of 12 chances, 6 of which may be Fabric Equivalents.  

Categories and Tags

For blog posts with photos of your dud/orphan blocks and/or fabrics, use the category blocks and the tag dud.


The deadline for posting/entering duds and orphans and fabric equivalents is December 31 at noon (east coast US time).

I will add a section on the at-a-glance page to track the entries for the dud lotto block drawing.

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