The Sneak Peek and Other Updates

Posted by on May 24, 2016 in housekeeping, sent and received | Comments Off on The Sneak Peek and Other Updates

shhh_imageIf you are one of the 25 quilters who has made and posted Green Leaf Pairs this month, you should have email from me with a sneak peek at the guidelines and block directions for the June block.

I just updated the list on the at-a-glance page and with 136 blocks (68 block pairs), we will have at least three winners.

Speaking of the list, please DO take a moment to click over and make sure the number of block pairs I have for you is correct and if you are donating your blocks without chances in the drawing, make sure I have you and your blocks in the right list.

Block Lotto – At-a-Glance

In other news … you know how I often explain that one of the reasons for removing the paper from paper-pieced blocks before sending them on is to make sure all your seam allowances are good? Guess who removed the foundation from one of her butterfly blocks and found a so narrow as to be almost nonexistent  seam allowance? As usual, it’s a good idea to listen to the advice we offer to others … because it often applies to ourselves. I was able to take out a couple seams and replace the too-small piece before sending it on it’s way to Deborah yesterday–sorry for the delay. Elizabeth’s blocks from me were tucked into a Cotton Robin package and have been received.

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