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If you are still considering whether or not you could lead the Block Lotto for a month, here’s some additional information and help that might help you get off that fence.

You can choose ANY block and almost any size you’d like (between 6 and 12 inches). If can be a traditional block, a modern block, an appliqué block, an original block … you could even choose a block that we’ve made in the past for the Block Lotto–those that have been around long enough know that we’ve made sawtooth stars and double 4-patch multiple times (and they are always popular).

If you haven’t read through all the comments about what people want from the block lotto that I posted in Something To Think About, go take a look.  You’ll see that, as a group, we want it all: big blocks, little blocks, traditional blocks, modern blocks, improvisational blocks. Whatever block you have in mind will find an audience here.

I created a table on the At-A-Glance page that will show who is leading each month in 2018 and–if they have made a decision–what size and colors their block will be.

If you have an original block idea and are worried about writing block directions or need drawings to show what you mean, I can help.  Robin has also offered to help with any computer graphics, converting things to PDF format, etc. While I haven’t actually asked them yet, I’m confident that other volunteers will help, too.

I have decided that I will continue to maintain the spreadsheet with everyone’s info in it, will collect the mailing info from everyone, and will work out the mailing info each month which I think is the most complex step–so no one needs to worry about that. As a block leader, you need only create two block posts:

  1. On the first day of the month, a post that has your block choice, the directions to make it and your fabric/color guidelines.
  2. A second post that has the list of quilters that make blocks.  You can also create this one on day one of the month, but you’ll be going back to edit it as most blocks are made and posted.

Still sitting on the fence?  If you have a question or concern, please let me know.



  1. I’m sorry, Sophie, I thought I had volunteered! September would be perfect for me, but I don’t really care as long as it’s after May.

    • I’ve added you to to the table for September. It’s possible you DID volunteer and I just missed it when looking through my mail. Either way, THANK YOU. I wanted the Block Lotto to continue, but had to face the fact that I couldn’t do it alone.

  2. Sophie – I know I hadn’t responded by email because I’ve been trying to figure out everything that needs to be done next year and me keep my sanity.

    I could do a block as well. It would most likely be one that I designed for one of my earlier BOM’s if that works out ok? Like Susan I need it to be later in the year – at least summer, because of commitments that I have in the first half of the year.

  3. I thought I also said i would lead a month. Not a problem if you have them all filled. I am cool.

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