Block Lotto Basics

Joining is Easy

  1. Contact me by email at jeansophie (at) blocklotto (dot) com or by posting a comment on the block lotto blog indicating that you’d like to join the group. Once we’ve connected, email me with your real name and mailing address and URL of your blog, if you have one.  Register on the site using <firstname><dot><lastname> for your username, for example Jane.Doe.You can see how to do that, step-by-step,  here: Accounts and Author Privileges.
  2. Make blocks.
  3. When you have made your first lotto blocks and are ready to post a photo, email me and let me know and I will add author privileges to your account.

Two Non-Quilt-Related Things to Consider Before Joining

  1. We are an international group and, therefore, you may have to pay international postage to send your blocks to winners outside your own country.  (On the flip side, if you win, you could be receiving blocks from all over the world.)
  2. Communication is important. If I send you email which requires a response, the courtesy of a reply is expected.

Making your Blocks

Each month you choose to participate you’ll be following the guidelines provided in the blog post announcing the lotto block of the month.  These rules apply to all blocks, unless noted in the block guidelines.

  • Choose fabrics that follow the color guidelines. We share photos of our blocks, but photos do not always capture color and value accurately, so I trust that you are following the guidelines (until I hear from the winner who receives your block that you did not.)  If the guideline specifies a value, for example, “light,” and you are unsure if your fabric follows that guideline, the easiest way to “see” value is to take a photo and then convert it to black and white.  Cyndi posted this quick tip about using your smartphone and the Instagram app to do that.
  • Fabrics must be 100% quilting cotton.  It doesn’t matter if you buy your fabric from your local quilt shop, online fabric store or craft store, but it should be tightly woven cotton suitable for quilting.
  • Pre-wash all fabrics used in your blocks. I don’t have a strong opinion about whether or not quilters should always wash their fabrics, but there are good reasons for washing fabrics used for making blocks for exchanges or the lotto … because even brand name fabrics sometimes bleed and colors may run.
  • Measure your blocks.  Blocks for the lotto must be no more than 1/4 inch larger or 1/4 inch smaller than the specified size.  For example, this means that:
    9-inch square blocks will ideally measure 9 1/2-inches square before they are sewn into a project, but must measure between 9 1/4 – 9 3/4 inches square,
    4 1/2 by 18-inch rectangle blocks will ideally measure 5 by 18 1/2 inches before they are sewn into a project, but must measure between 4 3/4 – 5 1/4 inches by something between 18 1/4 – 18 3/4 inches.
  • Check your seams and seam allowances.  Seam allowances should be 1/4 inch.  Especially if you are using a new-to-you technique, after you have admired your block, flip it over and check your seams.
  • Make blocks that you would be happy to receive if you win.

For more on the rules, read Why Rules Matter.

Entering the Drawing

Sharing a photo of your block is REQUIRED in order to be included in the drawing.  If you email a photo of your block to me during the sneak peek; I may use that photo for a virtual quilt, but it doesn’t count for the drawing until YOU post it in an individual blog post. This article steps through the process:   How to Post

After you post a photo of your blocks, your name goes into the (virtual) hat for the drawing on the last day of the month. You can also make a block and contribute it without putting your name into the drawing.  Your name will be added to one of the lists on At A Glance page.

The number of winners and the number of blocks each winner receives depends upon the number of blocks made.  Generally each winner will receive at least 35 blocks.


The Drawing

Winners are chosen by using an online random number generator.  After the winners are chosen, they will receive email and have 48 hours to reply, confirming their mailing address and letting me know how many of their own blocks they’d like to keep.

Mailing the Blocks

Everyone who made blocks will then receive email with the mailing information letting them know to which winner(s) they will send their blocks.  I ask that everyone mail their blocks by mid-month, so that the winner may receive all her blocks by month-end.  Tips for mailing blocks can be found in the Help topics here:  Mailing Squishies


  1. Is there a list of authors and their blogs for this site?

    • I have begun o create a blogroll with RSS feeds based on the website field in everyone’s profile. It’s not an automatic process, though, I have to enter each one (along with some other info) by hand and it will take a bit of time until the list is complete. You can see the in-progress list in the sidebar of the At-a-Glance page.

  2. Hello Sophie I sent you an email the other day and I registered today as roccagal. I did not get an answer from you yet but I hope it is ok that i registered!

    • You should have email from me now. (sorry for the delay). Usernames MUST be in the form of first name (dot) last name–so I can keep everyone straight when it comes time to count up the chances and mail the winners their blocks. To join, you also need to email me with your real name, preferred email address and your postal mailing address. I have deleted your roccagal account and created one for you with “rocagal” for your nickname. After you have emailed me with your mailing address and made your first blocks, I’ll add author privileges to your account so you can post your blocks.

  3. One question: If I want to just make a block and just contribute it – do I state so in my post or email you that info?
    thanks, Sophie

  4. I would like to join this group. I may not do blocks every month, but most of the months I am sure.

  5. Hello, I sent you an e-mail with my address stating that I would like to join the block lotto. I have already made my blocks and very excited about joining. Thanks, Madison

  6. Hello, I sent you an e-mail with my address stating that I would like to join the block lotto. I have already made my 8 blocks and very excited about joining.
    I have got myself a little confused & am not sure if I am registered yet.
    Thanks Jo

  7. I would like to join your group. Mary

  8. I’d like to join the block lotto

  9. I would love to join Block Lotto please Sophie. I live in New Zealand.

  10. I would like to join your group. Thank you.

  11. I would love to join!!

  12. I sent a email to you June of 2013 and have not received an email back. I am interested in joining this block lotto.

    • I’m sorry I missed your first comment. Look for email from me tonight.

  13. Does the number of blocks you must make vary each month and who picks the pattern for the blocks?

    I was interested to read what BlockLotto is as I have seen blogs where people are showing their blocks.

    It looks like one can pick and choose when to play, correct? How much time do you have to make your blocks?

    Thanks for the answers.

  14. How many blocks are we to make a month? To send off. Is there a color scheme every month? I think I WANT TO TRY THIS.

  15. Please contact me regarding the Block Lotto. I would like to participate. Sounds like fun. Thanks.

    • Margaret, you should have email from me.

  16. I would like to join the block lotto. Thanks Sophie. Email coming your way.

  17. I would like to join this group also 🙂 Thank you! Glad I stumbled onto this site. Pat

  18. I have just completed my blocks for The Global Quilting Project and would love to join this group too please!

    • I have sent you email with details about what you need to do to join.

  19. yes please I am still very interested.

  20. Hi, I tried to join, but read the rules later….and I did not use my email address as my username as requested! Reading thru the comments it sounds like I should wait to hear from you before trying again.
    Thank you. I am excited to join.

    • Actually, I ask everyone to use the format first name.lastname for their usernames (though you can set up a nickname to display on your posts) to help me keep everyone (and their blocks) straight each month. I’ve sent you email that I think will explain everything and tell you the next steps to joining the Block Lotto.

  21. Can I just make the blocks for the quilt and not enter the lotto? Or, I could make an extra block for the lotto?? I am a bit confused. I don’t have a blog anymore but I do have Instagram. I can open a new email account with first and last name as I read above.

    • You can definitely just follow along and make blocks for yourself. You only need to set up an account if you want to create posts and enter blocks in the Block Lotto drawings.

      • If I just follow along, then do I pay for the patterns each month?

        • If you follow, you can use the provided coupon code … but if you’d like to help support the effort and buy it, that’s always appreciated.

  22. I’d like to join this group.

  23. I joined BlockLotto back in 2013 but have not participated for the last couple of years.
    I would like to start joining in again.
    Not sure what to do now.
    Jo.Butterfield. with a different address though.


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