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I recently updated the page, Block Lotto Basics, to include a couple things that I realize I have been taking for granted and some other information that I may have been only including in an email message.

My intent was to still keep it brief, but to cover, as the title suggests, all the basics.

I would appreciate it if you would take a look and let me know if I’ve left anything out that you feel should be there or if you find anything that’s wrong … help with typos is always appreciated–I am the world’s worst proof-reader of my own stuff.

I am also expanding the information that I send to people via email who contact me about joining the Block Lotto to correctly set expectations about postage and the range of blocks they might receive, not only in terms of size, but also color and–what I have learned from the Block Lotto is challenging for many–value.  Was there anything you wish you’d known before you joined and that you think I should tell/warn newbies about, please tell me about it in a comment (or via email, if you prefer).

Of course, I’d like to think that, over the years, I’ve pretty much figured out how to make the Block Lotto keep humming along,  but I know there is always room for improvement and I’m open for suggestions–just don’t be surprised if you suggest something and I tell you that we used to do it that way and explain why we don’t anymore …


  1. Sophie, the directions look good. The area that has been most difficult for me is posting photos of the blocks, so i think a linik to your directions on that topic might be good. If we have quilters who have very basic computer knowledge, then you may want to add just an introductory paragraph about that this lotto works by submitting photos of the entered blocks (not initially mailing them), so to participate, the members have to be able to take a digital photograph of the block and have a means to upload on the website. I have never figured out how to do that from my Iphone, so I always have to do it from my computer (and I now have Windows 8). I continue to struggle with Windows 8 to download photos from the memory stick and then to find them in the photo file. At times, the upload process doesn’t work consistently either; not sure if it is my connectivity or the website, But if someone is a computer novice the photo upload can be challenging or frustrating. (and then there is the rotation of photo issue).

    Also for computer novices, you may want to note that your directions often have further directions that are hyperlinked (show up as blue type), so to get the full directions for a block you have to click on the hyperlinks .

    (I didn’t see any typos, btw). Thanks for all you do! I hope to make blocks this month, and I will be posting a photo of the finished Eclipse quilt which has now been quilted and bound.

    by the way, next year’s theme for the dallas Quilt Show will be “Funny” quilts (aka Whimsical). I could see your tea towel quilt as an entry!

    • I have added some of the links from the first-email message template to the page. To try to keep that page as brief as possible (in hopes that people will read it), I think the additional stuff for computer novices is probably better covered in individual email with them (most people DO know how to email).

  2. Sophie:

    I have been lurking in the background for 3 months now, but right away I knew I wanted to join and see how things are done through the blog posts. You are doing a wonderful job, and this is the month that I am entering the block entries. Still working on the blocks. Thank you so much for doing all this hard work, I for one am greatly appreciated of your effort, organization and time with this venture. Truly, it makes me very happy to see another posting on this site and to follow along on my emails. Keep up the great work.


  3. Linda I use Picasa to store and process my photos and have had no problems with that since I too switched to Windows 8 when I bought a new computer over a year ago. However I do struggle with windows 8 in other areas – eg producing and sending documents.

  4. Sophie I am so glad I read this!…I am new to the computer/sewing too. I had no idea that the blue text would take me to the explanations…I just read about how to Post and NOW I get it LOL…Duh Sorry for any Inconvenience my posts have caused you.

  5. Done. Thank you.

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