Changed (and Unchanged) in 2018

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Some things have changed for this year … but mostly the Block Lotto will work exactly as before.



  • Each month will have a different Leader who will select or create and post the block pattern and color rules. ¬†They will also keep track of the blocks made during their month and randomly choose the winner.
  • There will be no more Sneak Peeks.


Remains the Same

  • Contact me via email at jeansophie (at) blocklotto (dot) com if you would like to join (or need to change any of your info like name, email or postal address)
  • After the winner is chosen, I’ll prepare and send out the mailing info sheet.
  • I will update the at-a-glance page each month with links to the monthly announcement post and the list of blocks made.
  • All the usual mechanics and guidelines, which you can find in Block Lotto Basics.



1 Comment

  1. Thanks for the update. One of the other items you mentioned was having help paying for the upkeep of the blog. I’d be glad to pass on a few dollars. Just let me know how. Thanks.

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