Jeweled Flying Geese Variation in March

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The lotto block for March is constructed from three 2 inch by 4 inch flying geese units with a 1 inch by 6 inch strip on each side, to create a 6 inch (finished size) block. Michelle made these 9 blocks.

Although I couldn’t find a documented historic name for this block, it is based on this 1865 pieced silk quilt at the Sherborne Museum in Vermont.

Click image to go to Hoopla Patterns site which sells patterns to reproduce this and other interesting antique quilts.

But we won’t be making our blocks from silk ties . . .

Fabric-wise, for each block, you’ll need:

  • black solid or black-on-black (bob) print for the background or “sky” in the geese units.
  • a jewel tone print or tone-on-tone (tot) for the geese (all the geese are the same fabric).
  • a second jewel tone print or tot for the side strips.

If you make multiple blocks, you may use the same black for all your blocks, but please use unique combinations of jewel tone fabrics so that all your blocks are unique.

The block can be made using traditional or paper foundation piecing techniques. Step-by-step directions with photos can be found on the blocks-n-swaps blog here: Jeweled Geese Block; and are also found on the site here: Flying Geese Variation.

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