My Cactus Pots

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Here are my blocks for May. I didn’t branch out too far huh? Since I’ve won two months in a row, I want to donate these between anyone that has been participating for a year and hasn’t won. Are there any? Speak up! Sophie, do you keep records about our dedicated participants who keep coming back month after month without a win? I want to bless them this month!

Edited by sophie to add . . .

After discussing this with Shelley, we’ve agreed that the guidelines for her donation will be:

  1. participation for more than a year without winning
  2. entering at least one block of your own this month

Of the regular suspects, I know that Wilma and Mary Jane are eligible if they make blocks this month . . . anyone else I’m missing? Even if you have won before, but it has been a year since . . . you are still eligible.

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