Timing and Deadlines for Tomorrow’s Drawing

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We were just advised of JUST HOW PROHIBITIVE the guidelines for surfing at work really are (and the plans for scanning our PCs for our email and surfing habits), so . . . until my work hours become more LOTTO-Friendly, the deadlines will have to look like this:

Deadline for submitting blocks: 5PM Central Time on the last day of the month

Which means for August, our deadline will be MONDAY, 5PM Central Daylight Time.

I will send the list of names to Chris (our July winner) to use for the random number picker to choose our THREE WINNERS as soon as I get home–probably no later than 6 PM (Dallas Time).

There have been some great bright little log cabin blocks this month . . . I know we’re going to have three happy winners 😉

(It’s not too late to enter if you can sew fast 😉

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