Two Setting Ideas from Quilt Plano

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I spent a couple hours yesterday at Quilt Plano 2009–Plano is a suburb a little North of Dallas. I really liked this patriotic Log cabin Quilt made by Robbie Johnson of Richardson Texas and thought the setting and those pieced borders might be interesting for our winner(s) this month to consider. (I think a black and white inner border could maybe be VERY interesting, don’t you?)

Tom's Freedom

I’ll be blogging about the show later on my blog, but if you want to grab a tall glass of something cold and look through the photos on Flickr, you’ll find them in my set Quilt Plano 2009. (or, if you prefer, the slide show link) I didn’t take my usual hundreds and hundreds because they kept announcing at the show that there was a CD of professional photos of all the quilts for sale–unfortunately, it turned out that they didn’t have CDs, but for $10 would put your name on a list and would send you one in the next week or so. They haven’t done this before . . . we’ll see how it goes.

There was another quilt that made me think of the Lotto and the winners (this year and last) of the SAMPLER lotto blocks.

Music in My Heart

This is Music in My Heart by Tracy Spruell of Allen, Texas, and is made from swap blocks. They weren’t all designed to be put on point, but I think it works. I think it’s also interesting that she turned mostly black & white blocks into a very colorful quilt. You can see a detail of a single block here. The way she put them on point allowed her to make a bigger quilt from smallish blocks and let her square them up to the same size. Of course, you don’t have to start with sampler blocks–it might be a setting to think about if you have some lotto blocks at home that could work in a setting like this . . .

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