Three Blocks and an Update from Sophie

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Here are three from me, with my chances donated to newbies or, if no one new joins this month, to those who have not yet won blocks in the lotto.

3 Milky Way Blocks for the Lotto

The colors in this photo aren’t great; I promise these blocks are much prettier than they may seem.

As Lisa already noticed–and she really surprised me with just how quickly she did notice–today I put together some more usual-for-me directions for making the Milky Way Quilt Block. It was a nice coincidence because I happened to use her photo of her 11 blocks to show how cool these blocks blend together in my blog post with the directions. I have also updated the quick links on the left and the announcement message–you know, the placeholder, I originally posted on the first of the month:

October Block is Milky Way

The link for the block directions is there, along with the fabric guidelines and the historical reference for the block. It might be worth a look, even if you are pretty sure you know what you’re doing. I tried something new-to-me with the assembly of the block I used for the photos and it was an interesting experiment and definately something to add to my quilter’s box of tricks.

Finally, I archived our September activity–backdated so anyone looking for it in the future will find it on the last day of September, as usual–and updated the list for the blocks in September so far. Ginny, you’ll notice that I left your twisted block off the list . . . just in case you decide you don’t want to fix it to match the other (we all feel like that sometimes, or at least, I know I do).

With my three blocks, our total-so-far this month is 22 blocks.

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