Yes, the November Mailing Info Has Been Emailed

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The winners’ addresses and lotto block distribution chart was sent out yesterday. If you made SPOOL blocks and didn’t receive mail from me, let me know ASAP.

. . . and while I have your attention . . . Barbara’s post of her sweet cracker qullt reminds me to remind you that you can see all the Block Lotto quilts that have been made and posted so far by selecting posts with the tag quilts – there’s a handy link in the Block Lotto at a Glance in the left sidebar called Block Lotto Quilt Photos that will display all the posts with that tag.

If you have some lotto blocks sitting at home waiting for a good setting idea or the motivation to put them togther, you might find some while looking through what others have made. Be sure to post the photo of your block lotto quilt when you have a top or quilt to share.

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