2003 Lotto Block Index

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All the blocks for the Block Lotto in 2003 were STAR blocks, ranging in size from 8-to-16 inches square (finished size). All the block patterns are found on the Quilter’s Cache Web site.

January – Starflower

gwen sophie michelle More Starflower Block Photos
Starflower Block Directions

February – Laced Star

patsy patricia pat More Laced Star Photos
Laced Star Block Directions

March – Army Star

michelle marypat linda k More Army Star Photos
Army Star Block Directions

April – Odd Fellows Chain

jessica jana eddie More Odd Fellows Chain Photos
Odd Fellows Chain Directions

May – Amish Dahlia

bev alexis alexis More Amish Dahlia Photos
Amish Dahlia Directions

June – Hope of Hartford

Maker Unknown Maker Unknown Maker Unknown
More Hope of Hartford Photos
Hope of Hartford Directions

July – Christmas Quilt 2001 Block

vicky stacy stacy More Christmas Star Photos
Christmas Quilt 2001 Directions

August – Prizes

Kim Kim Only 2 Photos were recovered
Prizes Block Directions

September – Arrowheads

Bev Bev Michelle More Arrowheads Block Photos
Arrowheads Block Directions

October – Block photos were lost 🙁

November – Marcia’s Whirling Star

Sophie Only 1 Whirling Star block was made (by me)
Whirling Star Directions

December – Heavenly Stars

tammy tammy tammy More Heavenly Stars Photos
Heavenly Stars Block Directions

Because of waning participation in 2003, I decided to stop, but offered other Swap hostesses on the quilting forum an opportunity to take over. The one who did continued for part of 2004–if those blocks and photo are available, I don’t have access to them, so there is no Lotto Block Index for 2004.

The number and diversity of blocks we’ve made over the years is really quite remarkable. To see all the Lotto Block Index posts, follow the label Quilt Block Index. There is also an illustrated alphabetic list of all the blocks we’ve made with links to the block patterns on the Block Patterns page. 

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