Circle Blocks Rec’vd Today…

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What a fantastic mail day today. I rec’vd blocks today from – – –

Barb (FL)
Kristin (OR)

Fast blocks from far away places! Such beautiful blocks, every one- and right sized! It’s always a wonder for me to see how many different fabrics there really, really are. As many fabrics as I have (and I have a lot), astonishingly, I see ones that I don’t have! LOL ! LOL!

Thanks a bunch for the early arrivals! I’m starting to calculate – how many rows wide and how many rows long, how many extra circles to make (maybe) depending on the finished size, which I’m also calculating, what common/blendly color for sashing or not, and if sashed, will it be a print or a solid? Will I make a pieced or single fabric border -(still calculating) – – I’m having so much fun (calculating) in my head!

Caution: Due to quilting excitedness – – words and phrases may appear that are not commonly heard and/or known!

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