Post Script on Free-pieced Letters

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One of the reasons I decided we should try those liberated letter blocks so early in the year was that I was afraid that, with Tonya’s upcoming book on the subject, her instructions could soon disappear from the web.  This morning I read a note on the libquilters yahoo group that confirms it’s a possibility:

Anyway, Tonya is slowly but surely moving her tutorials from Bonnie’s
site to her own web site (

A word of warning! We were chatting the other day and she said that
some of them might disappear forever, depending on what the publishers
want to put in her book, most notably the Alphabet tutorials. At the
moment they are still on the Quiltville site and can be downloaded or
printed in PDF format.

Whether you tried her letter tutorial or planned to try it sometime in the future, even if you plan to buy her book when it is published and available, you might want to save a copy of the Tonya’s Alphabet Pages before they disappear.

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