current fly setting

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This month’s Fons & Porter magazine has a setting for traditional shoo flies with watermelon blocks alternating; rather dark and drab colors, imho, but perhaps another source of inspiration to this month’s winner. Even though the magazine is usually shrouded in plastic on the newsstand (to prevent free browsing), since the pattern has a “kit” there are probably views on their website. (A general observation – I’m a relatively new quilter and used to watch the F&P shows on my local pbs station, and I subscribed to the mag. , but have found recent issues to have a lot of pretty drab sample quilts – I guess I really like the brighter colors and pastels rather than the browns and blacks they seem to feature recently).

(Edited by sophie to add a photo and link to the magazine–the quilt is on the cover! Click the photo to go to the “Current Issue” page on the Fons & Porter site for more details on the May/June magazine.)

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