Revising Myself and Fabric Choices Ahead

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In the sneak peek email for the March block,  I told you that you could save your off-cuts from the scrap strips squares and we’d use them in MAY . . . and because I have done some shifting around, that statement should be revised to say that you might choose to use them in JUNE.

Looking ahead a few months, here’s what I have planned . . . in case you happen to find yourself at quilt show vendor booth or quilt shop and need an excuse to shop 😉

MAY – will be “two color” blocks that can be one of the following combination:

  1. Background fabric, which may be:
    • WHITE (solid or WOW) OR
    • BLACK (solid or BOB) OR
    • BLACK & WHITE print
  2. LIME GREEN (solid or TOT)

For multiple blocks, you may repeat fabrics as long as each block is a unique fabric combination.

JUNE *** REVISED ***  will be scrappy blocks made of:

  1. YELLOW or GOLD (solid or TOT) background
  2. Scraps of your choosing (which could be those off cuts from March)
  3. RED (solid or TOT)

For multiple blocks, you may use the same yellow (gold) background and the same red. You can repeat fabrics in the scraps among all your blocks.

JULY – is another “two color” block, made from:

  1. BLACK (solid or BOB) background
  2. BRIGHT fabric of your choice

For multiple blocks, you may use the same black background, but the BRIGHT fabric must be different for each block. 

AUGUST – will be another scrappy block made of:

  1. GREEN (solid or TOT) which might be one green fabric or scraps.
  2. At least 3 fabrics that are the same color (solids or TOT) of your choice. Scraps will work for here, too. There should be contrast between the three (or more) “monochrome”  fabrics.

For multiple blocks, you may use the same green in all your blocks and repeat the monochrome fabrics, as long as placement is different in each block.


WOW is a White On White print
BOB is a Black On Black print
TOT is a Tone On Tone print.  TOT fabrics are printed with different values of the same color, for example a blue fabric with a darker blue design printed on it.

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