shoo fly advice anyone?

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After I made blocks for the challenge, I got carried away with making shoo fly blocks and ended up with about 80 blocks. I’m not sure this is an appropriate use of the blog, but would be interested to hear any ideas regarding layout. The colors kind of lent themselves to “steps,” but it doesn’t really seem liberated. I’ll play with it again tomorrow.

The florals and blues were given to my family. The guy who gave it to use thought it was from the 50s (when his mom worked in a clothing factory — these seem to be leftover shirt pieces). In any case,I have a lovely green that I will use for the eventual border, but I could also use it for stripping.

My sewing room is small, so I apologize that I can’t get a good pic of the 7×10 block layout. Apart from the ones in the pic, I have 10 left-mostly with pink centers. The blocks are 7.5 inches.

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