Sophie’s Summer Tote from Lotto Blocks

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If you have been around the Block Lotto long enough, then you can probably guess just how long ago I started this project . . . if you haven’t, I’ll tell you that the 6 inch 16-Patch and Stamp Basket blocks were blocks we made (in different colorways) in April and June, 2008.

I pulled the UFO out of my project chest and finished it as part of the Friday Night Sew-in.

Today I posted a link to the (free) pattern on which it’s based and the notes on how I deviated and constructed my own:

Summer Tote from Orphan Blocks

Do you have never used lotto blocks or left-over lotto blocks or test blocks that you made and held onto or other orphan blocks? Then you might consider making a new tote bag for summer, too.  Or, like me, you could purposely make blocks and turn them into a bag.  For a bag the same size as mine, you could look through the 2008 and 2009 lotto blocks for some quilt block pattern ideas.

Any size blocks will work.  The original pattern used 8 inch fabric squares.  I used 6 inch blocks and fabric squares. The finished bag will be as tall as one and a half times the diagonal measurement of the square of the size you choose and as wide (at the top edge) as twice the diagonal measurement.

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