Vague thought

Posted by on April 22, 2010 in blocks | Comments Off on Vague thought

SE London is gearing up for summer and the locals are spending more time outside shouting and screaming than in the last few (cold) months, and it takes a while every year for me to learn to sleep through it.  So, last night whilst waiting for everyone to push off home and cease their criminal ways so the sirens would stop, having rapidly run out of thankfulness for unemployment and not having to get up for work this morning – I started thinking about nice things like patchwork and blogs and wondered:

Is it possible/ desirable to have a list of the participant blogs in Block Lotto on the blog somewhere?  I’d really like to have a way of seeing what everyone does when they’re not doing BL?  I know some people don’t have blogs, but lots do.

I am thinking it could be difficult as people join and do or stop doing blocks randomly so we could end up with an huge list of non-BLers – I’m not keen on the idea if it means lots of extra work for Sophie though.  Maybe the list could be culled once a year if someone’s not done BL for say 6 mths?

What does everyone think? And apologies if it’s been discussed and rejected before I joined….

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