Let’s Free-Piece some Reeds in May

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Kim Hall's  Reed Block Black Background
For May, we’ll be free-piecing curves and making bias edges work for us.

The shapes have an organic feeling and abstracted, natural look. I see reeds and am calling this block Reeds, but you might see green shoots or leaves of grass.

Kim made this great example block. Thanks, Kim.

The squared-up and trimmed blocks should measure 7-1/2 inches square (for an 7 inch finished size block).

This block is an opportunity to learn and/or practice a few free-piecing concepts:

  • Gentle curves are quite easy to sew
  • Bias stretches and will easily follow a curve.
  • Two matching curves–no matter the shape–can be sewn together (and will lay flat afterward) 

Block Pattern

Directions for making the block are here:

Free-pieced Reeds Quilt Block

Alternatively you may choose to use a stack-n-slash approach to making this block (see technique #3 in the Wonky Shoo Fly directions), HOWEVER, the green background blocks you make MAY NOT be used for the block lotto . . . personally, I think they’d make a great summer tote 😉 

Guidelines for the Block

Your Reeds block should have a background that is white–solid or white-on-white (WOW), black–solid or black-on-black (BOB), OR a black & white print. The “reeds” should be lime green–solid or tone-on-tone (TOT) print.

If you make multiple blocks–the maximum number of blocks for entries in the drawing is nine (9)–you may repeat fabrics as long as each block is a unique combination of background fabric + lime fabric.

In these blocks, you will be designing  your own interpretation of “Reeds” with these rules:

  1. Each block must contain three (3) curved inserts (these must be pieced–no appliqué please).
  2. One of the inserts must be made of both fabrics so that it appears that the “top of the reed” is inside the block.
  3. The inserted bias strips should be trimmed so that they have a changing width.

How much your “reeds” bend, in which direction and how tall the short reed is are up to you.  Have fun creating your own composition of these elements for an original block, designed by you.

Labels for Your Blog Posts this Month

Please use the Label Reeds for any blog post related to the blocks this month.  Add the label May 10 photos to any post that contains the photos of your blocks.

Some More Examples from Sneak Peekers

The blocks in this virtual quilt were made by Caroline, June, Kate, Kim, Rho, Pat and me. Click any of the individual photos for a closer look. (Sorry for the darker photos–I wasn’t able to lighten some of them up enough to match the rest.)

Pat's Reeds Block-B&W Background Rho's Reeds Block-Black Background Pat's Reeds Block-White Background Rho's Reeds Block-Black Background
Caroline's reeds black background Kim Hall's  Reed Block B&W Background Kim Hall's  Reed Block B&W Background Pat's Reeds Block-White Background
June's Reeds-b&w background Kim Hall's  Reed Block Black Background June's Reeds-b&w background June's Reeds-black background
June's Reeds-black background June's Reeds-b&w background June's Reeds-black background Pat's Reeds Block-B&W Background
Kate's Reeds Block - B&W Background June's Reeds-black background Sophie's Reeds Block - B&W Background Kate's Reeds Block - Black Background
Sophie's Reeds Block - Black Background Sophie's Reeds Block - B&W Background Sophie's Reeds Block - Black Background Sophie's Reeds Block - White Background
Sophie's Reeds Block - B&W Background Sophie's Reeds Block - Black Background Sophie's Reeds Block - B&W Background Sophie's Reeds Block - Black Background
Pat's Reeds Block-B&W Background Pat's Reeds Block-B&W Background Pat's Reeds Block-B&W Background Pat's Reeds Block-White Background

All of the blocks made by these sneak peekers follow in the post, Sneak Peekers’ Reeds Blocks.

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