Some Eye Candy . . . and the inspiration for this month’s block

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I just surfed past this quilt on Elizabeth Hartman’s blog, Oh Fransson! and thought it was a nice example of this month’s colorway used in an entirely different way.  I’d love to find some of that ginormous gingham–it makes a great backing.  The cat looks a lot like my Johnny, so I had to share a photo of the quilt. 


I first started thinking about how to make a block like this work for the Block Lotto when Amy and I met for lunch in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a few years ago and she shared some blocks made in a workshop with Carol Taylor that had skinny curved inserts.  Those blocks became the border for her quilt, Sensuous Lines and Curves

And then, last summer, on Tommy The Material Girl‘s blog, she blogged a series of “Tunes” quilts, using similar blocks in a wide range of sizes.  They are neamed for the tuning forks she sees in the shapes.   Here’s a couple of them-the images are linked to associated posts on Tommy’s blog:

Tuning #1 is 41 by 29.5 inches.

36 Tunes is made of squares that are between 5 and six inches.

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