Presto-Chango! Sophie’s (reworked) blocks

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If you are unhappy with any of your blocks and thinking of reworking them . . . I feel your pain.  In truth, it wasn’t actually all that painful for me last night when I decided to turn the blocks on the left (which you might recognize as some of my original test blocks from the tutorial) into the blocks on the right, to make them into lotto blocks.

4 Completed Baskets Sophie's 4 reworked Liberated Baskets

Nobody likes ripping things out but turning three orphans into blocks for the lotto winners’ quilts was satisfying.  As you might guess the originally hand-appliquéd handle on the pink one was the easiest to change and the green one with the machine buttonhole stitch the most challenging.  When I couldn’t see how to neatly rip out the green handle, I didn’t and cut a new background section for the top instead.

Sophies Basket #2Along with the block on the right that I made as an example for the applique tips post, that makes 5 blocks for me this month. I will make more if I have the opportunity. Sorry for the bad lighting, but I really wanted to get it done so I could post the tips.

These blocks bring our total-so-far for the month of June to 72 blocks.

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