Time Flies . . .

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Time flies when you’re having fun . . . or when, as in my case right now, you are frantically looking for a new place to live before your lease ends 🙁

TOMORROW at NOON (on the US East Coast) is the deadline for posting the photo of your blocks if you want to receive the sneak peek of the block and guidelines for July.  JULY?  How can it be almost July already?  (Though to be honest, it has FELT like July for quite a while in North Texas and, as far as the weather goes, it could already be August.) 

Even if you don’t get the sneak peek, you can start thinking about fabrics.  I’m going to expand the guidelines from what I posted in April:   July’s lotto block is a “two color” block, made from:

  1. BLACK (solid or BOB) or other VERY DARK TOT backgrounds
  2. BRIGHT fabric of your choice.  It may be a TOT or a multicolor print.

If you choose a non-black tone-on-tone (TOT) for the background, it should be so dark that someone might think it’s black from across the room.   I’m thinking inky navy, really dark greens, deep dark Burgundy, etc.

For multiple blocks, you may use the same black or dark background, but the BRIGHT fabric must be different for each block. 

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