Have YOU Mailed Your Basket Blocks?

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As the winners have already heard,  I’ve been walking around with my liberated basket blocks in my handbag, but haven’t yet mailed them  . . .  how about you?   I did drive past a post office today near my house, so at least I now know where THAT is and should be able to get to it soon.

The sneak peek email with the August block information–yes, August already–will be going out in one week.  In a perfect world, all three June winners will have all their blocks in hand by then . . .  but we all know the world’s not so perfect.  If, like me, you haven’t yet been able to send your liberated basket blocks on to their new home, please let me/us know when you think that will happen so our winners can plan accordingly.  Thanks.

And while I have your attention . . . 

I have plans to publish the fabric choices/colors for the rest of the year soon, so those of you who like to plan (or shop!) will have a list of future “needs” for the Block Lotto.  

Also, as I mentioned a while ago, it’s time to do some blog housekeeping and I’ll be removing author privileges from anyone who has not yet made blocks in 2010.  It’s no big deal to reinstate them if you haven’t yet made blocks, but want to rejoin us in the future.  The housecleaning is necessary because there is a limit on the number of authors for a blog.

One last thing.  I had a little brainstorm for a get-well block shower for Mary Jane, if enough people are interested in making a few liberated blocks for her to fondle while she recuperates.  I will publish directions for making the block (it’s not one of our blocks for the lotto this year, so it would be a BONUS liberated block for us.) Post a comment, if you’d be willing.  And Mary Jane, if you’re reading this, start thinking about fabrics and colors and let me know what you’d like.

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