The LAST of the June Lotto Blocks?

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I still haven’t found the box of kraft paper envelopes that I like to use for mailing quilt blocks, so Rho, Pat and Cory will be receiving my very late basket blocks in some funky stationary that I came across while unpacking, but . . . they are FINALLY on the way, with my most sincere apologies.

I really hate it when I’m a bad example . . .  even though I know LIFE happens to all of us, including me.

As it turns out, I can WALK to the post office and I did–a little earlier when it was a “cool” 80 degrees (with about 90% humidity).  My car is in the shop and I couldn’t wait one more day to take care of those blocks.   The effort was worth it, though, because I saw things I never noticed as I whiz by in my car.  It felt like the silver lining of my bad day yesterday.  Details on my blog, if you’re interested.

If anyone else has been dealing with some LIFE issues of their own and have still not mailed their June Liberated Basket blocks, could you please let me and/or the winners know, so they can plan accordingly.  I believe at least one of them is already working with their blocks . . .

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