Fabric Guidelines for November and December

Posted by on October 2, 2010 in blocks | Comments Off on Fabric Guidelines for November and December

I’ve been doing some blog housekeeping, updating the 2010 block archive and adding the last few months to the Block Patterns page, and thought it might be a good idea to give everyone a heads-up on fabrics you’ll need for the rest of the year.

For November you’ll need:

  • Purple – solid or a TOT (tone-on-tone) print or a multicolor print that is predominately purple
  • White – solid or WOW (white-on-white) print
  • Scraps (strings) in any colors

For December we’ll be using:

  • Black – solid or BOB (black-on-black) print–if it seems more like a gray-on-black print, that’s OK.
  • Jewel tone solids or TOT prints.  If you are unsure about what a “jewel tone” is,  there are some examples and explanations here: What Are Jewel Tones?  If you plan to make the maximum number of blocks, you’ll need 4 different jewel tone fabrics this month.
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