It’s Time to Mail your October Blocks

Posted by on November 1, 2010 in blocks | Comments Off on It’s Time to Mail your October Blocks

If you made variable stars last month, you should have email from me with the mailing information for your blocks.

I’m sorry the message was a delayed a bit–my new job (it’s temporary, but real work with a real paycheck, so I’m happy) prohibits access to my email and putting together the mailing info sheet and sending out to the thirty-some quilters who made start blocks is a bit too complicated to do on my iPhone (as much as I love it 😉

If you didn’t receive mail from me, first check your spam folder, then let me know ASAP.

If you find a mistake in your info (like the wrong number of blocks made by you, or, if you’re one of the winners, an error in your mailing address), please let me know ASAP.

Otherwise, feel free to post a message here when you have mailed your blocks to the winners–please use the label “variable star” to make it easy for me to find all the messages if I have to chase down unmailed or lost-in-the-mail blocks later this month. I think we all like to know when our blocks have arrived home, too, if the winners have the time to post messages to let everyone know. Thanks.

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