Cleaning "House"

Posted by on December 29, 2010 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Cleaning "House"

If you have not made blocks for any of the last four months, your author privileges may have been removed and you have email from me about it.

But because I am human and because some of you like to challenge me by using COMPLETELY DIFFERENT email addresses when you sign up than the ones I have for you, I don’t always manage to match things up correctly and get it right.  So, even if you HAVE made blocks, I might have accidentally removed your author privileges.

If I made a mistake with your account privileges, don’t panic, just let me know.

If you haven’t been making blocks because you’re waiting for things to get a little less “liberated,” don’t worry, I can easily add you back in when you are ready to make and post lotto blocks again.

We now have a little bit of “breathing” room for any newbies who decide they’d like to join us.

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