What will you do with your Bonus Blocks?

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9 Bonus blocksWendy made a pretty wonderful scrappy string star block from her left-over triangles … what will you make from yours? Before you toss them out, here are some project ideas to consider. If you’re not a fan of dark backgrounds, try using something completely different. I plan to make a doll quilt/wall hanging from these 9 blocks with a hand-dyed turquoise background.

The heart that inspired the February block.The idea for this month’s block came from the heart in the little quilt I made a year ago for us to use as a blog button. You could make some word blocks and express your love for something (or someone) that you [heart], too.

I have an idea to make a Priority Alzheimers quilt with some words and a bonus heart–I was having so much fun, as you can probably tell, I made extras “bonuses” . . . anyone want to join me?

For a quick and easy project, how about fiber heart postcards to give or mail to your Valentine(s)?  I trimmed down the left-over triangles with a 4 x 6 inch postcard in mind.  Added some Timtex to make it stiff, added a little quilting, some satin stitch around the edge and a card stock back. It’s all set for a stamp and a message and a trip to the post office.

Trimming triangles to fit String Heart Post Card

Blue Scraps mug rugHave you made a mug rug yet?  They ARE contagious and make sweet gifts.

I made one last month from a “fatter” string heart . . .  and I am already thinking of making another.  You can find the basics for designing your own here – Scrappy Mug Rug.

If you like the proportions of the square heart block better, check out Kate’s blog for her String Heart Tutorial.

It’s been a year since I published the directions for the small portable handwork sewing kit. Today, I finally got around to making one for myself.

Sewing Kit Inside

You have probably noticed that all my bonus triangles ended up as hearts–I was laughing at myself a little when *I* noticed it. I guess I really am an incurable romantic. So, last but not least, I offer the idea of making a three-dimensional heart you can hold in your hand . . . or pin to your shoulder, clip to your bag or use as a pincushion . . .

A heart you can hold in your hand.

I’m working on the directions for making one of your own (if you like) and wondering if this would work for a Quilt Show pin (hang tag for your bag) that would help friends from the Block Lotto identify one another?

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